In 1993 Mr. Gerard Dauplay the Canadian nationality moved to live in Chiangmai, as experienced the peaceful surrounding suit for a decent living. He decided to located himself and his family at Mae-Ping Villa compound by the Ping River whilst his personally love and passion of bamboo arose since his childhood day due to the grown up environment in Asia. His French father was grown up in Laos according to the status of French Governor in Laos of his grand father and Mr. Gerard was born in Laos after his father married to his Vietnamese mother. Mr. Gerard studied at Assamchan school in Bangkok which make him seen and feel more of the Asian influence then absorbed in Asian lifestyle which deeply connected to bamboo; Mr. Gerard started to make his very first bamboo sofa to use in his own home which could be considering as a hobby. After 2 yrs. of his bamboo hobby he could foresee the possibility of turning it into industrious, in this respect he successfully convinced.

Mr. Tosporn Panasampol, a Thai citizen, to be a partnership and formed a small factory in 1995 with only 2 carpenters who absolutely known nothing about bamboo. Nevertheless, with the private skill of a carpenter and northern style personality nature from these 2 staff and all the special technique about bamboo provided by Mr. Gerard; the official company limited starting to be in shape in 1997.

All the production development together with high skill was growing together with the amount of staff since 1997 from 8 to 15 and now with 93 employees. The ratios of marketing are 50 percent export and 50 percent for domestic while the biggest oversea market is Japan.

Gerard Collection Co., Ltd

Owing to the partnership between Thai and Canadian, the official and legal company been formed with Thai share of 51 percents and foreign share of 49 percents to further long run business scheme under limited company to initiate any financial transactions whilst Mr. Jean Dauplay, the youngest brother of Mr. Gerard declared his intention in joining under foreign share of the company.

Bamboo is..grass...and grown back every year after been cut....which make big difference from any other wood. Bamboo are friendly to environment and one of the fast growing grass in the world. Hence, bamboo has a higher compressive strength than wood, brick or concrete and a tensile strength that rivals steel. Gerard Collection is the leading producer of bamboo furniture and accessories which focus and quality....the company managed to control all insects which are bamboo biggest enemies until our name been known from this point of cured to maintain the last long status.. Our brand of ….Gerard Collection...been accepted in world class marketing due to good bamboo quality, reasonable price and most of all the enduring quality of each piece of our products.

Our marketing position is...B+ UP...which are high quality and high price, focusing only on design and quality....we guarantee every single piece of the products which occurred from insects and crack by replacing with the new item immediately. Oversea exhibition that we were participated in the past, i.e. High Point Fair in North Carolina, U.S.A., Maison Object in Paris, France and Thai International Furniture Fair in Bangkok. We have our representative for domestic markets in Phuket and Samui.

We manufacture all kinds of loose bamboo furniture i.e. cabinet, table, chairs, sofa, armchair etc. for guest parlour, living room, dining room, bed room, kitchen room etc. All the raw materials which is bamboo are from locals in the upper northern region of Thailand in specific species with thick body and texture which growing only in our country and no where else.

45 days after confirmation of order by 40% deposit.

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